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Wild Print offer the cheapest printing and best quality printing in the world. We also offer clothing with full branded options; vinyl, screen printing, DTG (Direct to Garment), transfer printing. We are also large suppliers of clothing which will enable us to save you money when ordering from us.

We also offer full signage - from site signs and boards, window vinyl decals to large backlit signs, halo lettering and acrylic raised lettering. We are also able to print directly to substrates such as; foamex, correx, aluminium, perspex, wood and many more. This creates a better quality and more durable product.

Vehicle graphics and auto wrapping is another area that we specialise in locally and regionally. We have sign written many vehicles and have even applied fully printed wraps for our customers. Call us today to find out more.



Due to the large number of orders we process, we are able to minimize our wastage and heavily reduce our costs, passing those savings on to our customers. We understand your printing requirements due to our many years of collective experience, all of your media or merchandise will be printed to the highest standards.

Not just wild about printing:

We are a creative company with a passion for nature. You will always recognise our brand with our use of animal colours - primarily the classic leopard print look and a leopard's paw print within our logo. There is a fundamental reason for this: As a member of PETA, Born Free and WWF we recognise the importance in caring for our environment and we strive to support and raise awareness for the safety and conservation of all animals.

"My whole life, I have supported the welfare of animals. I educated myself and took every opportunity to further my learning and to interact with animals. I was torn between studying Zoology or Music for my degree and I eventually sided with the latter, owing to my fortunate capabilities. My childhood passion was originally to have a career that allowed me to save animals; although I think I would have had a break down after just one day if I had decided to become a veterinarian. Animal welfare has always remained my passion and I hope to further raise support and awareness through my creative company, Wild Print, it is the very reason for its name and image. I have been involved in many events, fundraising and awareness building activities. I became vegetarian in 2004, after realising that I was still indirectly contributing to animal cruelty by eating meat, it was so easy to do and PETA offer very useful information to help. I had the very same revelation 10 years later, when I realised that becoming Vegan was the next step to truly being cruelty free. This was a very large learning curve for me and I am still learning everyday, it is unbelievable the amount of companies that test on animals. I hope to raise awareness through Wild Print and I hope that we, at the very least, ignite some passion and love or re-connect many people with nature. Keep it Wild!" Alun Cottam, Chairman.

About Wild Print

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